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About Us

The Office Place in Cyprus is the latest venture of a well-established group working in real estate and property markets. It was fortuitous that we were looking to expand into a related field, and a close associate suggested that we diversify into offering ready-to-use fully serviced offices in Cyprus. This spurred us to research the idea, and the findings were promising. The business was growing at a fast pace, but there was a definite lack of fully serviced offices based in Limassol or in any of Cyprus’ other main centres such as Nicosia.

The founders of The Office Place have spent many years building various structured businesses in Cyprus. They have the expertise required to understand how the system here works, including experience with acquiring a property and renting offices. They also know how challenging it can be for a startup business, or even an already established business, to move. This is why the founders have created a solid and trustworthy serviced office workspace in Limassol for businesses seeking a new location.

It is no easy task to buy an office, furnish it the way one wants, obtain telecom and other infrastructure services and then find the right staff. It is expensive and time consuming. Many startups and entrepreneurs as well as overseas businesses showed a marked preference for full-service office facilities, so we decided to commence our own operations. This is how The Office Place was conceived and executed.

We chose Limassol for many great reasons. We sought out the perfect office premises and furnished it with the most modern technology and contemporary style. We chose reliable support staff and put in place state-of-the-art communications and IT facilities. The Office Place opened for business with the specific goal of supporting business owners.

Modern & Stylish 
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How it Works

We keep it simple. Business enterprises, corporate entities and foreign companies can take advantage of our fully serviced office via various plans:

• Pay-as-you-go option for basic services and additional services on a chargeable basis.
• Weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual payments for the basics plus extra for additional services.
• On a daily basis for overseas companies that may be conducting a campaign in Cyprus and need a temporary office setup for a day or a week.
• Table spaces or cubicles for individuals on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.
You will find us helpful, cooperative and flexible in adapting to your needs. If there is an arrangement or amenity you require that we do not have listed, we will try to arrange it for you. We seek to facilitate your business.

There are compelling reasons to prefer our full-service offices. Consider the following scenarios:

• A startup is already heavily invested in its business, and setting up an impressive office represents a huge upfront cost. When startups take advantage of our full-service offices in Cyprus—fully furnished and ready for business—they receive an infrastructure that starts working from day one along with the amenities they need to succeed.
• A travelling sales representative or an individual businessman may not find it worthwhile to employ full-time staff or to have a full-fledged office. But he can convey the impression of having such an office without the associated expense and bother when he makes use of our facility. And he can save even more by only paying for the days he is actually on-site using the office, no monthly fee necessary.
• Overseas companies or companies located in the EU or other parts of Cyprus may visit Limassol for business now and again. They can make use of our full-service office for one or even a few days to hold a conference or meeting.

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Sea View

The Benefits

Whether you’re an individual, a business entity or a corporate organization, booking our fully serviced office in Limassol offers various advantages:

• Your own office address in Cyprus complete with phone and fax, made possible with our VoIP facility.
• Your own computer storage accessible only through a password known only to you. Your data is secure.
• Receptionist who acts as your front office and welcomes visitors on your behalf.
• Support staff for running errands and carrying out tasks to give the impression that yours is a large organization, not a small one-man show.
• The most modern and contemporary décor that impresses visitors and business associates.
• You move into the office and start work immediately, which would not happen with the usual office-for-rent model. Our rates are affordable.
• Our office is easy to reach on foot because it is centrally located in one of Limassol’s prestigious locations. You can just as easily take a bus and reach our office for rent in Limassol in just 10 minutes.
• Address is everything in business, and ours is the best. You can print our address on your office stationery and visiting card to greatly enhance your branding and attract more business.
• We take care of all maintenance and overhead for the office, equipment and support personnel. You don’t have to worry about these things and can focus on what you do best: your business.
• The Office Place is fully insured and secured with security cameras and personnel. It has a great view of the sea and working here is a pleasure.

State-of-the-art furniture & equipment
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Why Limassol?

Limassol is the centre of the shipping industry in Cyprus and a growing business centre as well. It has an airport and a seaport and access to other parts of Cyprus. It could be called the financial capital of Cyprus as it is already home to a number of business organizations. The weather is pleasant, hovering around 28°C, and there are plenty of opportunities for relaxation and entertainment on the beachfront. Limassol is also a safe place to live and work.

We believe we have initiated a trend in Cyprus that will soon grow. We too will also grow and establish branches of The Office Place worldwide.

The Office Place is dedicated to helping businesses of all types and sizes in their quest to present a superb front and image, impress business clients and associates and increase their revenues. Full-service offices for rent are all the rage across Europe and the Americas due to the obvious advantages as outlined above. It makes sense to select this type of office rather than go to the expense and effort of finding a suitable place, buying or renting it, decorating it and putting in place all facilities. Visit us and see for yourself how simple—and affordable—business in Cyprus can be.

Create your dream workspace.
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